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Our Lacy

It's been a rough week. We had to say goodbye to our little Lacy--our sweet dog of 11 years. Grief comes in waves and we miss her so much. Dogs are God's unique gift and I now understand this deep emotional love we feel for our pets. Maybe it's because they are unconditional in their love, maybe it's because they possess a special innocence. Our Lacy was our little sister in our family. She often eased any loneliness or sadness we may have experienced by crawling up on our laps or resting her head next to ours. She's been with us through some very difficult times. She knew what we needed. She sat faithfully by my husband's feet in his office as he worked from home, and she adored him. He misses their routine and sometimes forgets she's gone--I overheard him calling for her to go outside the other day and it literally hurt my heart. We wish we could hold her again. Always love your babies and hold them close. XOXO







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-The Twig and Print Team

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