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Be Brave

It certainly has been a mixture of stress, anxiety, worry, and grief as we witness the world under attack by an invisible enemy. I read an article by Jim Daly in which he said, "I am convinced that God is speaking to the world this Easter in the midst of the coronavirus crisis. I don't believe He caused the pandemic- but He allowed it- and He's using it to accomplish His purposes." He goes onto say, "He's provided us with an opportunity to become reacquainted with our families. The rollback of our freedoms is fostering a newfound appreciation of the luxuries of normal, everyday living." I couldn't agree more. I have felt a reassurance that this will pass, and we will hopefully become stronger and wiser because of it. I hope I can take this chance to be a little braver, be a little kinder to others around me, and cherish this unique quality time with me family. With our college kid back moving back home, our family is reconnecting and our kids are laughing and playing together like old times. "God is inviting us to take inventory of what's really important" and I couldn't be more grateful.

Opinion: Jim Daly: God is using coronavirus pandemic to accomplish His purposes | Fox News







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